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Mrs. Army Lady
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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Beginning

So after much thinking, which is kinda' ironic for me, I have decided to make a blog about not only my life that as it is now but also the new and grand adventure myself and my husband have decided to partake in... Yeah that means I'm going to document everything wether it's the fights that paint me as the bitch in my husbands eyes, the arguments in which i try to understand why my husband can be such an uncaring jerk, and all the fun loving times that we are us, and this crazy thing we call life and the road it leads us. So here it goes.. My name is Kimberly Lynn Gardner, I'm 24 years old, and live in the crappiest housing the army can give to families living in Alaska.. YAY! on top of the paper-thin walls and strange sounds, we also get blessed with strange smells and little incidents where we have to call housing (ph how those gentlemen love us dearly) Also My husband and I have recently decided that we should expand our family..mind you not with a puppy(we already have one that's slightly insane ) but by adopting a baby. Yes a baby since neither of us can actually produce one we've decided to adopt...which is a tremendous expnse so if you'd like you can offer us sage word's or wisdom along the way or there is a donation button on the bottom of this page i hope you use :) This being my first post I'll keep it short and sweet and say good night/morning since i must sleep lol.. I pormise more to come soon

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